February 8, 2016


I need to write more. Not just blog posts, but in general. Writing skills, as with most abilities, develop and hone through repetition. I left an environmental consulting job for a more field-oriented position over a year ago and no longer do much technical writing. Writing was so central to that job that, in retrospect, “writer” would have been a more suitable job title than “senior project geologist”. There were aspects of technical writing that I enjoyed and despised, but one positive point was that the tedium of preparing technical reports pushed me into creative blog writing as an outlet to blow off intellectual steam. The desire to continue this blog, however, waned along with the work-related frustrations when I took the new position. However, I desire the challenges and rewards of creating, so thankfully I have this venue to reinvigorate that body of work. This blog is mostly for my own use; sure, I am satisfied if others read it, but its true purpose is my creative outlet. Writing in the public domain also challenges me to focus and refine my musings, unlike my sometimes rambling and intensely personal handwritten diary entries. So, here goes.

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