September 9, 2013


I haven't posted to this blog for nearly a year, but I haven't given up on it! Far from it; in fact, I have plans for a slew of new posts with a revised twist on the content. You see, the original incarnation of the Woods Hippie was a vehicle to use creative work to alleviate my discontentment with aspects of my life and a good excuse for some last outdoor adventures before fatherhood. Two years of parenting have exposed some (but not all) of those frustrations as selfish folly, but, more importantly, have taught me that the adventure continues even with a child in the fray. In the interim, I have become so deeply intrigued in gardening, homesteading, and permaculture that my life's mission, heretofore undefined, is moving confidently in those directions. I can't put a finger on the the whens, wheres or hows, but I intend to use the Woods Hippie format as a way to carve out this path. Of course, this blog will continue to serve as a creative outlet centered on outdoor wanderings (both with and without children) but with an added emphasis on gardening and suburban homesteading. What the hell is suburban homesteading, you ask?

 It's what happens when a guy (me) lives on a 1/4 acre city lot and pisses off his neighbors by converting half of his back yard to a garden...

the other half into a woodlot...

and dreams of the day when he can move to the country.

Please join my family and me as we pursue this adventure together!

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